Caring for your health and the health of your loved ones is more important than ever.  Due to COVID-19 concerns, many people are looking for alternative ways to access medical care and minimize exposure. And, since adults over the age of 60 are in the high-risk category for Coronavirus, it’s essential that family members be proactive in helping as needed.

Telemedicine: Talk to a Doctor without Leaving Home

The current social distancing approach appears to be helping control the rate of infection and reduce community spread.  However, many seniors and individuals with at-risk medical conditions still have ongoing healthcare needs. Instead of the traditional approach of in-person visits for check-ups and follow-up appointments, many doctors are recommending at-home telemedicine appointments.

This process utilizes technology on a smartphone or computer so a patient can have a face-to-face conversation from home. These services are designed to support patients with ongoing medical needs such as prescription medication refills, treatments for chronic health conditions, basic medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and discussions about at-home treatments.

Benefits of Telemedicine

The main benefit is that healthcare services can be brought to the patient’s home virtually via phone or conference call, eliminating the need to expose aging adults to outside risks. Healthcare providers are adapting to these ever-changing conditions while providing quality medical care for people of all ages.

If you or an aging family member need to talk to a doctor, it’s recommended that you call the office first to inquire about telemedicine options. Most likely, the appointment can be scheduled virtually if in-office testing is not required. Non-urgent services might be scheduled for the future, depending on the needs of each patient.

Safety During the COVID-19

More than ever, it’s essential to be checking on your aging family members. Not only to monitor their health, but to also minimize the ongoing risk of elder abuse and neglect during this time. At Senior Safe and Sound, we are here to help. Contact us by email at or call 858-480-7551.

This information is intended to inform the public at large about this important issue. It is not intended to serve as legal or medical advice.