The callers are clever and corrupt. These criminals know every trick in the book. Their one despicable goal is to scare you into sending them money. Don’t fall for it.
It goes something like this. You answer the ringing phone, only to be greeted by bad news. “Grandma, I’ve been arrested, and they won’t let me out of jail without bail money. Please, Grandma, it was all a big mistake… can you please send me $10,000 so I can get out of jail?”
It’s a heart-rending story. The seasoned callers will often trick you into blurting out your loved one’s name. Then they’ll use it to further the scam. You don’t want your grandson to be stuck in jail on dubious charges, do you?
If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately. Don’t talk to these people, or risk giving them any more information. And of course, never wire money to anyone through Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar services.
If your grandson, or anyone else you love is ever in some kind of trouble, you will most likely hear about it through other family members or friends. If you’re worried that this story might actually be true, call another family member to verify it. But whatever you do, don’t believe anything that strangers tell you over the phone. This is especially true when large sums of money are involved.
To repeat: if you’ve received one of these calls, just hang up. Screen your calls using your voice messaging system. And, as always, call us for more advice on keeping your money safe. We dedicate ourselves to helping senior citizens avoid scams like the one described above, so that your retirement can be a secure and happy time.