Elder abuse frequently occurs at home. It’s an unfortunate fact, but perpetrators can be family members and others who are close to the victim. Unknowing seniors are also vulnerable to in-home care professionals, local businesses, financial professionals and others who might take advantage of them.
It’s essential to stay vigilant for signs of elder abuse. Take a proactive approach, implement some basic safety measures, and consider installing home security features.

Lock Up Money and Sensitive Information

A home safe or safety deposit box at a local bank can keep paperwork and valuables protected. Avoid theft by locking up anything that might be of value to people coming in and out of the home. Checkbooks, bank statements, jewelry, cash, and other similar items should be under lock and key at all times.
Be careful about the people who have access to these items. Some family members might steal from the elderly and justify their actions by reasoning that they would have received an inheritance in the future.

Security Cameras

Security cameras around the house may seem extreme. But this equipment can help you monitor the property while you are away. A camera can capture information about how the senior is being treated by in-home help and others. The mere presence of a camera can deter or minimize the risk of abuse in the home.
You might consider other security measures, such as a home security system that can prevent unwanted entry during specific times of the day.
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