No one questions that the internet is an integral part of modern life. But, it can also present dangerous situations that could harm your family, especially seniors.
Older adults are interested in staying connected digitally. They enjoy opportunities to view pictures and updates of grandchildren. They like to explore ways to save money, receive discounts or get special deals. But, more savvy generations need to stay proactive in protecting the safety of those less familiar of online perils.
Here are a few ways that you can protect parents, grandparents, and other seniors against a dangerous online world:


Education is the best strategy for prevention. Talk to your parents about online scams that gather personal information. Help them understand why they should never pass out their Social Security number, credit card information, or any other personal details.
Also, teach your parents about the importance of password safety. Older adults often have a hard time remembering usernames and passwords. You might offer assistance with a password protection software. Or, it might be as simple as having a small notebook where they can write down their online login credentials. If the username and password are stored on a notepad, make sure there is a safe place to lock up and protect this paperwork.

Install Firewalls and Virus Protection

Virus protection software and firewalls can help to avoid harmful online bugs and viruses. Older adults don’t often realize how their computer can be infected by visiting the wrong websites. So, it is a good idea to have protection in place to prevent problems in the future.
Offer to help install a trusted protection software on their computer. If you don’t know how to install these programs,  talk to a local electronics store or computer repair service. These businesses often offer affordable virus protection software installation.
There are many dangers lurking online. A bit of preventive education and proactive action can go a long way in protecting the special seniors in your life. For more information email or phone 858-480-7551. Senior Safe and Sound.