As technology advances, many seniors feel sidelined by their incapacity to use it.  Fortunately, companies like GreatCall  make it easier for older generations to access current technology. The benefits can range from increased contact with family and friends, to improved safety and health.

What is GreatCall?

GreatCall is a San Diego-based company dedicated to creating technology for seniors. Products are specifically designed for ease of use by older adults. One popular device is the Jitterbug cell phone featuring large screens, icons, and text.  Clearly these can make a big difference in emergency situations, such as falls.
Newer products include sensors that can be placed in homes to track daily activities. This passive monitoring system, known as “Lively Home,” can record food intake, sleep patterns, and movement throughout the day. The data is analyzed in order to identify potential health issues in advance.
Of course, early detection and treatment can reduce the likelihood of a visit to the emergency room.

Ease of Use

Not only is GreatCall developing new technologies for tracking and measuring information, its devices are easier for seniors to use. For example, seniors often stop wearing fitness technology because the products must be charged regularly.  In response, GreatCall is designing technology with a battery lasting six months.
As families and friends seek solutions for better protection of older loved ones, GreatCall is among the emerging companies to consider. In San Diego County, GreatCall stores can be found in numerous Riteaid and Best Buy locations.  From preventing injuries to detecting elder abuse and other threats, these new technologies can bring welcome relief and peace of mind.
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Note: This article should not be construed as a formal recommendation by Senior Safe and Sound of the products and services offered by GreatCall. It is provided for informational purposes only.