Elder abuse is a mounting concern. It can occur in the form of either negligence or intentional harm to someone age 65 or older. While there are laws in place to protect the senior members of our community, too often issues slip through the cracks because caregivers and family members don’t recognize the problem.

If elder abuse is occurring, it is essential to report the situation. The best thing to do is to seek assistance right away. One option is to contact an elder abuse attorney for support.

Note: If at any time you sense that a senior might be in imminent danger, call the police or 911. The police can conduct a welfare check immediately to assess the situation.

When does the problem rise to the level of involving an attorney? Here are a few signs that you might want to engage the services of an experienced attorney who understands elder abuse laws:

  • Financial Abuse: One common form of abuse is someone taking advantage of the senior for financial gain. Don’t hesitate to enlist an attorney’s services if you notice unusual activity in the bank account, valuables missing from the home, or any other sign that someone is stealing money.
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse: Often the signs of physical abuse are bruises or injuries to the victim. If these physical symptoms are unexplained, the person’s safety might be at risk.
  • Neglect: Negligence is a form of abuse that can go unnoticed for a time. In this situation, the caregiver may be failing to provide the necessary support. For example, a person might be lacking in nutrition or hygiene care. Pay attention to weight loss, cleanliness, and other signs that might indicate neglect.
  • Chemical Restraint: Sometimes medications are used to control a person’s While medications are often an important part of maintaining health and wellness, there is also a risk of abuse. Over-drugging a patient is a form of abuse, and it is important to talk to an experienced attorney if you suspect this issue.

Many resources are available to protect the elders in our community. You shouldn’t hesitate to use these resources or engage the services of a lawyer if needed. If you have questions or you are looking for services in the area, we are here to help. Contact us any time. Email info@SeniorSafeAndSound.org or call 858-480-7551. Senior Safe and Sound.

This information is intended to inform the public at large about this important issue. It is not intended to serve as legal advice.