People of all ages can fall victim to abuse or fraud. But do you know the demographic with the highest risk? According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, 70 percent of elder abuse victims are female.

Why are Women at Risk?

There are several reasons why women might be at greater risk for elder abuse. First, elderly women make up a larger percentage of the elder population in the United States than men. Since there are more women then men in this demographic, it increases the likelihood that a woman will fall victim to abuse.
Women also tend to live longer compared to men. This means that many of them live alone after a spouse or partner has passed away. Living alone is a risk factor that could increase the potential for abuse.
Additionally, women often experience crippling health problems, such as osteoporosis. These challenges make it harder for them to protect themselves. It’s common for disabled adults to have a higher risk of elder abuse than healthier adults. Women can also be perceived as easier targets for emotional, financial, physical and even sexual abuse.

Protecting Friends and Family Members

Regardless of the age or gender of your family members, it’s important to be proactive. Always watch for the signs of abuse. Preventive strategies can go a long way to protect your family and friends. Maintain good communication. Pay attention to warning signs that something might be wrong. Never hesitate to ask questions or file a report if inappropriate behavior has occurred. You need to protect your family. Never allow abuse to continue if you suspect there is an issue.
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