Telemarketing Fraud

Seniors: Beware of Telemarketing Scams

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Telemarketing scams have been around for years. Yet, people continue to fall victim to them.  Often, scammers view older adults as ideal targets since they are low risk and typically have robust retirement savings. You can protect your loved ones by teaching them about phone, computer, and marketing scams. Sharing this information helps them implement

Chatbot Phone Scam: "Just Hang Up!"

By |2017-05-11T15:07:03-07:00May 11th, 2017|

Older adults have a greater risk of falling for something that seems like an innocent phone conversation. To make matters worse, phone scammers are finding ever more devious ruses to trick people. One of today’s most cunning robocall schemes seems harmless, but a single word could result in long-lasting problems for the receiver. “Can You

“Hello! I’m Officer Julie Smith from the Internal Revenue Service.”

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The title of this blog is the opening line in a phone call that people around the country are getting. Is it really a call from the IRS? No, it’s not. Senior Safe & Sound warns everyone to be aware of scam phone calls from criminals intent on stealing their money, their identity, or both. These criminals pose as officials from the IRS. The tone of the call is often threatening and intimidating.

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