The Importance of Inventorying Valuables in a Senior’s Home

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Whether a loved one lives at home with caregiver support or is moving into a retirement community, steps should be taken to protect valuable items. There is always a risk of theft, especially when the senior isn’t aware of everything occurring around them. Security measures should be implemented, including locking up the valuables. It’s equally

Educating Seniors about Door-to-Door Sales and Potential Scams

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In the past, it was easier to trust people in the neighborhood. There was a sense of community. Everyone tended to watch out for neighbors, friends, and family. Unfortunately, things have changed. Today it’s essential that homeowners be cautious, especially seniors.  Most seniors don’t understand the changes in the world. They are too trusting. They

Home Security to Help Prevent Elder Abuse

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Elder abuse frequently occurs at home. It’s an unfortunate fact, but perpetrators can be family members and others who are close to the victim. Unknowing seniors are also vulnerable to in-home care professionals, local businesses, financial professionals and others who might take advantage of them. It’s essential to stay vigilant for signs of elder abuse.

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