Do Not Press Your Luck: 4 Red Flags to Recognize Scammers

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March holiday décor focuses on St. Patrick’s Day and lucky 4-leaf clovers, but don’t rely on this luck to keep you safe from scammers. The truth is that scammers are looking for victims throughout the year, so people of all ages must stay proactive about avoiding the most common scams. Educating yourself and your loved

Watch Out for Get Rich Quick Schemes that Target Seniors

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Living on a fixed income during the retirement years can have you searching for ways to maximize your funds. Unfortunately, scammers know that seniors look for ways to invest their money. So they target retirees, hoping to swindle you out of money on a get-rich-quick scam. You can identify these scams before it’s too late.

Romance Scams Targeted to Seniors and How to Detect Them

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Unfortunately, romance scams are all too common in the senior community, playing on the vulnerability of wanting to find companionship and love. Everyone is susceptible to romance scams. You do not have to feel embarrassed if you come in contact with someone trying to swindle you out of hard-earned money. Instead, speak with someone you

Beware: Scammers Request Remote Computer Access to Steal Personal Information

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Remote computer access is a high-tech way to fix software problems from the convenience of your own home. This connection allows you to give permission for a tech provider to access your computer so they can do the necessary repairs and maintenance. But scammers are using this method to collect personal information by posing as

Imposter Family Members: Scammers Will Pose as a Grandchild Asking for Money

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Most grandparents would do anything for their children and grandchildren, and scammers take advantage of these family bonds. Imposters exploit seniors and their love for their families by using false threats and a person posing as their grandchild to trick the grandparent into sending money quickly. How the Imposter Family Member Scam Works Here is

Start Off the Year Right: Technology Tips for Seniors

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There are stereotypes that seniors aren’t good with technology. But just because the aging generations didn’t have smartphones in their early years doesn’t mean that people can’t learn how to use technology. The truth is that many seniors are proactive about using technology, especially since the pandemic started in early 2020. As a result, people

Watch Out for Fake Celebrity Scams Targeted toward Seniors

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Celebrities are fun to follow in the news and on social media. It’s entertaining to read stories about celebrities’ families, their homes, and other details about their personal lives. So, it’s easy to see how someone can quickly become star-struck when they receive an unexpected message from their favorite actor, athlete, or musician. While it

Tech Support Scams: What Not To Do

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Everyday, people of all ages are connected via smartphones, tablets, and computers. While technology is a great resource, it can be frustrating when problems arise. Tech support is often required to resolve digital issues. Yet, for seniors, getting tech support can often turn perilous. Scammers know that families rely on tech support. They have embraced

How Scammers Use Obituary Details to Target the Bereaved

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Be very careful when you post an obituary for your loved one. Scammers can glean key information, such as the person’s full name, birthplace, birthdate, and date of death, with the intent to steal their identity and more.  Some scams targeting the bereaved include: Posing as insurance agents or debt collectors, saying that the deceased

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