Being a caregiver is not only physically exhausting, it can also be mentally challenging.  Staying on top of all the needs of someone you love and care for is daunting. Whether you are a new caregiver or a longtime supporter of a family member, it’s possible that you have experienced caregiver decision fatigue.
Addressing ongoing needs such as daily health, medical care, housing, activities, and more is daunting. Caregivers are wise to pace themselves

What Causes Caregiver Decision Fatigue?

In the beginning, caregivers are in superhero mode. Their goal is to protect their loved one and manage essential daily tasks. But, this pace is unsustainable. It eventually leads to burnout. These ongoing and enormous responsibilities can begin to erode decision-making ability.  Concurrently, it is common for caregivers to face challenges due to differing opinions in the family.  This “pile up” of issues can leave caregivers feeling the weight of the world. Even seemingly minor decisions become harder to make. Eventually, this might significantly impact the future of the loved one.

Simplification and Systems

Look for ways to eliminate decisions that don’t matter in the long run. For example, it might simplify things to stick with Meals on Wheels delivery instead of trying to carry on menu planning and grocery shopping.  Another example is maintaining consistency with medical checkups and other appointments. When possible, schedule appointments on the same days at the same times to simplify the calendar.  In addition, don’t overlook the benefit of tapping into the support of others.  Turn to family members who are willing to help, or lean on local resources that are available.

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